Call of Duty: Zombies Chronicles Gets a Price and New GobbleGum to Chew On

Zombies Chronicles

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles has a price. Try not to choke on your GobbleGum. It’s $29.99, and you’re going to need a copy of Black Ops 3 too. Seems a little steep at first, but the old maps are getting the Black Ops 3 treatment. That means a retooling to make sure they work with the GobbleGum system.

UPDATE: A short trailer dropped giving us glimpses of the new maps.

And, if you’re a strictly Zombies fan – it’s a decent deal. Sure, Zombies Chronicles is full of old maps – but the GobbleGum system adds a new spin on each one. $20 would be a better price point, but Activision knows what they have here. Zombies is insanely popular, and eight old maps with the GobbleGum system included will get most Zombie players to pick it up. Including me, once it hits Xbox One.

Treyarch is also adding ten new GobbleGums to their Zombies. Here’s how Activision will get you spending more real money on Liquid Divinium.

Damn, just when I was starting to tire of playing Zombies Treyarch goes and does this. Most of these gums sound awesome. That Extra Credit one should at least let me hit the box once or twice before my nephew hogs it the rest of the match.

Zombies Chronicles’ price is a little steep, especially for those who have to buy a copy of Black Ops 3 too.

You can pick up a used copy of Black Ops 3 on PS4 for around $20. So if you ditched your Black Ops 3 copy, it’s going to cost close to a regular game to play.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s included in Zombies Chronicles:

– Nacht der Untoten
– Verruckt
– Shi No Numa

COD: BO1 Maps
– Kino Der Toten
– Ascension
– Shangri-La
– Moon

COD: BO2 Maps
– Origins

20 Vials of Liquid Divinium
2 new Whimsical GobbleGums
Exclusive Zombies Pack-A-Punch Weapon Camo

Zombies Chronicles hits PS4 on May 16 and soon (one month later?) on Xbox One and PC.

What do you think of Zombies Chronicles? Are you going to pick it up?

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