For many, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was the pinnacle in the Call of Duty series. A campaign and multiplayer that were both equally impressive helped push the franchise to levels it had never seen. And levels it has mostly stayed at since.

Yesterday, Activision released a seven-minute video showing off the ‘Crew Expendable’ mission from the campaign.

The thing that immediately stands out for me? The lighting. Watching the rest of your team fast rope onto the deck of the Estonian Freighter looks awesome (starts at 1:26).

Here’s how the same scene looked on the original (starts at 1:47).

It’s amazing how changes in lighting add so much more to the game.

The remastered edition also does a much better job conveying the storm you and your team are in aboard the ship – tarps flap in the wind and rain water pours off crates.

But, It’s not just the exterior that gets more love. The fire in the interior is much more detailed with sparks flying around. These aren’t huge changes, but they add a lot more atmosphere to the mission the developers of the original just didn’t have the tech (or hardware) to take advantage of.

Plus, it shows us just how much effort Raven Software is putting into the remaster.

The end of the remastered gameplay teases several other missions. ‘All Ghillied Up’ will be the highlight for a lot of us. I can’t wait for ‘One Shot, One Kill’ too.

What’s your favorite Call of Duty 4 mission besides ‘All Ghillied Up?’

Call of Duty 4 remastered

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