Treyarch has announced the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 beta will start on August 19 for PlayStation 4 fans. Three months before release? Not bad. That’s a bit better than the glorified demos we typically see on consoles.

The beta will give Treyarch an early jump on any weapon balance issues or glitches. QA testing will never beat millions of Call of Duty fans.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is slated for launch on November 6, 2015. Activision is hoping for a return to form for the Call of Duty franchise. Call of Duty is still popular, but the last two entries have failed to outsell Black Ops 2.

Can Treyarch right the ship? They delivered with Black Ops 1 and 2. Casual and competitive fans are hoping for a fantastic entry from Treyarch. Advanced Warfare was a step in the right direction. Hell, anything was after Ghosts.

I hope Treyarch slides Black Ops 3 more towards Black Ops 2 than Advanced Warfare. I had fun with Advanced Warfare, but it just didn’t hook me like Black Ops 2 did. Maybe part of it was Call of Duty fatigue. We’ll see.

This looks fun as hell.

But, those TTKs (time to kill) look ridiculous. I’ll wait until I get my hands on it, but damn people were dropping way too fast in that trailer.

What about the Xbox One and PC? Treyarch didn’t say anything about those two platforms today. The Black Ops 3 beta page does indicate a beta is coming though. Activision and Sony are partnering up for Black Ops 3 so a timed exclusive for the beta isn’t surprising.

Black Ops 3 beta Xbox One PC

I would guess Xbox One and PC owners will get their hands on the beta about a week after PS4. That brings us to how long the beta will be. No word on that yet, either – but you have to think Treyarch will run it long enough for PS4 players to get a head start and then also get Xbox One and PC players in. Two weeks would work.

Competitive news coming around Gamescom

Gamescom is about a month away, and Treyarch will reveal their plans for competitive Call of Duty around then. Will League Play return? Are competitive tournaments shifting to PlayStation 4?

Gamescom is August 5 – 9. We should know even more about Black Ops 3’s multiplayer then.


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