Call of Duty’s Blackout Gameplay Trailer is Here, and It’s Pure Chaos

Awesome chaos. AAA publishers are coming for their slice of the Battle Royale pie, and Call of Duty’s Blackout is looking for a big slice. Here’s our first solid look at Blackout gameplay.

Wingsuits. Zombies. Classic Black Ops locales. Grappling hooks. It’s all here and more. I was already pumped for Black Ops 4 after playing the multiplayer beta. But after this trailer? I don’t see how Call of Duty doesn’t return to my regular rotation of multiplayer games. Rocket League and PUBG are going to have to make some room.

I knew Call of Duty’s Battle Royale would look decent, but this trailer is already blowing past my expectations. While there’s a lot to like about the trailer, the visuals are underwhelming. Still, I can’t wait to dig through next week’s beta. Props to whoever put this trailer together. Trailers are here to generate hype, and this one succeeds on all fronts.

While specific details are slim in the trailer, GameInformer is covering Blackout as part of their October issue.

We learned the beta player count is 80 with room to scale higher depending on how performance shakes out. Zombies are more of a nuisance with “five to eight zombies at each place,” according to Treyarch (via GameInformer). But you still need to do something with them, and that will often mean revealing your location. There are several articles diving into various parts of Blackout. Head on over and check them out.

Call of Duty’s Blackout beta goes live on PS4 on September 10 and Xbox One/PC on September 14. It’ll wrap up on September 17. After that, it’s less than a month from the game’s official release on October 12.