Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot hopes so. The exec was all optimism about the prospects of Watch Dogs 2. “Watch Dogs 2 has the potential to be one of Ubisoft’s best-selling games of all time,” said Guillemot in an earnings call this week.

I’m crossing my fingers for an Assassin’s Creed 2 situation. The first Assassin’s Creed laid the foundation for a franchise that defined the Xbox 360/PS3 generation. Assassin’s Creed 2 addressed many of the issues from the first one and pushed the franchise to new heights.

Ubisoft hit a home run in the sales department. But more importantly, the developers finally delivered on the promise of the first Assassin’s Creed.

Can Watch Dogs 2 pull off something similar? It just might. Guillemot heaped praise on the development team for the new gameplay and story additions for the sequel. We heard a lot about seamless co-op at E3. And for this type of game, it’s a perfect fit.

Ubisoft wanted to blend the single-player experience with co-op in a seamless way. As you’re running, jumping and driving around San Francisco, you’ll notice people with a purple icon and name above their head. They could be your friend or some random player. Toss them an invite and the two of you are ready to hack San Francisco together. All seamless.

“It’s very natural. It’s a very organic way of meeting people and deciding to play some missions together,” says Senior Producer Dominic Guay.

The Watch Dogs 2 development team also opted to trade the drab, windy city of Chicago for the much more colorful and vibrant San Francisco. The settings from the two games couldn’t be at more opposite ends.

Here’s what the first Watch Dogs looks like.

Watch Dogs Chicago

And here’s Watch Dogs 2.

Watch Dogs 2 San Francisco

Watch Dogs 2 already looks infinitely more enjoyable to explore.

Hacking is the gameplay pillar for Watch Dogs 2. There’s combat, traversal and driving – but hacking is what makes the game stand out. ‘Hack Everything’ is a mantra the devs hammer home in nearly every video we’ve seen so far.

“We’re adding a lot more depth to hacking,” said Guay.

It’s not just street lights, bridges and road barriers. Any car you see cruising around San Francisco can be hacked. Any character you see walking around can be hacked. There are some limits, but Ubisoft promises most of the electronics we see around the world can be hacked.

I haven’t played Watch Dogs 2 yet, but from all the trailers I’ve seen – I want to. All the new gameplay additions along with the new setting have me pumped.

What do you think? Will Watch Dogs 2 be what Assassin’s Creed 2 was for its franchise?

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