It is both an emotional and the most touching wedding story you will watch and read today. Keith Borum, battling terminal non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (an aggressive cancer), married his longtime girlfriend, Nina Scott, in a hospital bed ceremony.

The staff at Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip, NY, were able to put together a ceremony no one will be able to forget.

Battling the cancer diagnosis meant long stays at the hospital for Mr. Borum, where he struck up relationships with the staff. He would confide in them about his dream to save for an engagement ring for his girlfriend of three years.

For eighteen months, Keith Borum was on the winning side in his fight against the non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Recently, doctors told him the cancer was terminal, causing the staff and community to leap into action.

18-months of hard-fought battles deserves a moment of happiness. Showing that nurses are truly the greatest, they banded together to create a picture perfect wedding for the couple. $400 was raised for the wedding rings, and the local community rallied together to provide the bouquet, cake and other items for the ceremony.

keith borum and nina scott's hospital wedding

During the vows, the entire nursing staff piled into the room with friends and family to watch the ceremony.

To protect Keith from infections, each guest had to wear protective gowns over their wedding clothes for the day. It included protective gear over the wedding gowns, suits and the minister presiding over the wedding.

While the setting was unusual, you can hear the joy in Nina Scott’s voice on how everything was picture-perfect for marrying the man she adores. Speaking to ABC News, she explained the emotions of the day.

‘The whole thing was great. I don’t know what my favorite moment was.’

‘I couldn’t imagine how great it could be or would be. The staff just outdid themselves … We couldn’t have done it no better.’

The groom? When asked how he felt about the day, he was all smiles. ‘Great, one of the best days of my life.’

wedding rings for cancer patient keith borum and wife nina scott

When ABC asked Nina about her husband, she recognized the toll his fight against the disease has taken.

‘He’s been really going through so much and he can’t walk. It’s hard on him. He’s really hard…It’s just sunk his spirit.’

On his wedding day, he was all smiles. He even swiped his wife’s sunglasses as a joke while they sealed the marriage with a kiss.

Watching the videos is a testament to our shared humanity. It’s easy to become jaded in the face of the daily stress. But, you see videos of this couple. A hospital staff that banded together. A community that rallied to their neighbors.

ABC US News | World News

In the end, despite a devastating illness, you have a happy couple. Both deserve happiness, and Keith has all of our thoughts and prayers as he keeps battling non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Image Credits: WABC 7


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