Sometimes 22 megapixels is just not enough. Hey, that latte art needs to be highly detailed. I kid on the Starbucks, but Canon is going all in with its professional DSLR 5DS and 5DSR.

Some analysts are saying it’s a leap of faith from Canon to go from 22 to 50.5 megapixels. Yeah, I’ve never heard a photographer go, ‘wow, there’s too much detail here.’ Ok, maybe on some paparazzi photos.

In June, photographers will get the honor of explaining the expense report of the new 5DS and and 5DSR . Prices are set at $3,699 and $3,899 respectively. The target market is for professionals that shoot advertorial work. Though, the pricing isn’t out of the reach of serious amateurs.

With the additional megapixels, you better upgrade your hard drives. If you want to save yourself a migraine, get SSD drives. The current storage size is around 15MB. The new 50.5 megapixels.? Try 30MB. Toss in burst mode and you see how this adds up quick.

Filmmakers will enjoy the new clarity offered by the increased megapixels. As we move towards 4K, clarity will become increasingly important. Plus, who doesn’t want to have the baddest camera in the bag?

I know one thing, it makes my iPhone 6 Plus seem like a disposable


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