Hey, it’s the camera we already knew was hitting the streets soon. The Canon 5D Mark IV is official folks, and there’s not a lot different from the leaks. It’s an evolution upgrade, not a revolution.

Though watching the announcement video, it’s hard not to get hyped.

That enters into the realm of so over-the-top I can’t help but love it.

The biggest feature on the new 5D is the ‘Dual Pixel RAW’ technology. Somehow the R&D team snuck into the marketing department because the feature deserves more than an obscure name and one bullet point from Canon. The tech allows the camera to capture separate info from each of the two photodiodes from the dual pixel on the sensor.

Canon 5D Mark IV rear view lcd

top view of Canon 5D Mark IV

It will allow you to correct minor focusing errors, perform a ‘bokeh shift’ and correct small flares and ghosting. All after the photo has been taken. It should go without saying these are minor corrections. If you’re hanging out of a car at speed snapping away like a maniac, it’s not going to save you.

Canon 5D Mark IV Specs

Ok, badass Dual Pixel RAW system out of the way, what are the concrete specs. A full-frame 30.4MP CMOS sensor powered by a Digic 6+ processor, 7fps burst to 21 images in RAW and unlimited JPEG shots. Not sure how I feel about that when compared to the Nikon D5 and D500. Granted, you need the XQD card to enjoy the 200 frame buffer on the new Nikons.

4K video comes standard on the 5F Mark IV at 30fps, and thanks to the Dual Pixel AF, the camera can focus continuously while shooting stills in Live View.

side views Canon 5D Mark IV

Need more numbers? Of course. It’s what we camera geeks go nuts over. The Canon 5D Mark IV earns an upgrade AF system similar’ to the 1D X. 61-points that are all selectable along with 41 cross-type points. It gains an assist from a 150,000-pixel RGB+IR metering sensor that promises better facial recognition and low-light performance. (EV-3 through regularly and EV-4 in Live View).

The system is promising full AF compatibility “for high-precision autofocus even when using EF super-telephoto lenses with an EF extender.”

Last up is connectivity. WiFi, NFC and GPS are built-in out of the box. Yes, you’ll need an app to connect the camera to your phone. Canon’s Camera Connect App handles the connection and allows you to control the camera via the app.

Canon 5D Mark IV Price

Not cheap. If you have plenty of Canon glass lying about, you can snap up the body for $3500 (Amazon / B&H). Those wanting to shoot out of the box can opt for the kit that includes the new EF 24-70mm f/4L for $4,400 (Amazon / B&H). Obviously, it’s not your average kit lens. Both these ship in early September. An EF 24-105mm f/4 IS II USM kit prices at $4,600 (Amazon / B&H) but won’t roll up your driveway until late October.

Where to buy? The usual suspects of B&H and Amazon have the body and both kits available for preorder.

Canon 5D Mark IV with kit lens

Is it worth the upgrade? It depends. If you’re moving up from multiple generations older, sure. It’s a solid boost. Nothing is overly groundbreaking, but it’s Canon. It may not have the (unusable) high ISO numbers of the Nikon or the fps, but it handles what it does well. It also sits well below the Nikon D5 price for a full-frame.

Think of the 5D Mark IV as an evolution of the system instead of revolutionizing the niche.

The reviews will tell the tale and personal preference. A $3500 camera is only as good as the person behind the viewfinder.

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