All the Canon EOS 6D Mark II rumors turned out to be true. Canon has a leaky ship and one that obviously doesn’t like 4K video in anything but its most expensive cameras. It’s not all bad news, but it is confounding why the company refuses to put 4K video capability into its camera lines.

Canon put the excellent Dual Pixel CMOS AF inside the 6D Mark II and it’s finding its way into nearly every camera they release. But 4K video? Nope. Smartphones can do it, but why let a $1,999.00 camera body (Amazon / B&H) have the same capability?

What makes it even more baffling is the use of the vari-angle articulating LCD touchscreen. It’s basically a full frame vlogging camera. How nice would it be to have the ability to shoot in 4K? Detractors will say you don’t need it and 1080p is just fine. Maybe, but having the 4K allows you to have multiple angles by being able to crop the 4K down to 1080. And if Canon insists on not having it, why is the camera capped at 60fps?

Canon 6D Mark II Specs

Now that the mini rant is over, where does the camera shine? It’s a nice upgrade of the 6D Mark I. The CMOS sensor jumps from 20.2 MP to 26.2 MP. Still photographers will be on board with that any day of the week. The new DIGIC 7 processor allows for an ISO range of 100-40000 (up from 25600 in the original 6D). Continuous shooting sees a frame per second bump from 4.4fps to 6.5fps.

The biggest change has to be the AF system. Gone is the 11-point AF (one center cross-type) in the 6D Mark I. In its place is a 45-point system and all of them are cross-type. There is a but coming on this. It’s like they borrowed the APS-C AF system from the 80D and put it on the Mark II. All 45 points are clustered around the center.

A tip of the hat in the video department goes to the HDR mode. It looks pretty solid in Canon’s marketing video:

Oh, and to harp on 4K one more time, why have it on time lapse movie mode? That’s just a weird feature all things considered. Hey, it can handle 4K, but we made it available in a special mode only.

Who Should Get the Canon EOS 6D Mark II?

Canon’s marketing of the camera is it “is ideal for budding photographers looking to take their creative DSLR photography skills to the next level by shooting with a Full-frame CMOS sensor DSLR camera to capture beautiful, high-quality portraits and striking landscapes, even in low-light situations.”

canon 6D Mark II details

And that’s a fair point. Those invested in Canon glass and looking for an upgrade will love the feature set. However, if the goal is to sell cameras, do you want a new customer strolling into a camera store comparison shopping?

Sony keeps innovating at a rapid pace. Yes, they have their drawbacks too, but there is no perfect camera. Never will be. But for the hybrid shooter, and there are a lot coming in from smartphones, they want both better stills and video. And for a $2000 camera body (Amazon / B&H), the video is not there.

Pair it with a 24-105mm kit lens and the price is $2,599. Those wanting the IS versions will shell out $3,099 when it starts shipping in late July. That’s a hard sell for the new customer when they see other brands offering the hybrid they want. For an owner of the 6D Mark I, the new Mark II is one hell of an upgrade.

The concern at Canon is how many fans will continue to put up with the lack of features found in cheaper bodies like dual memory card slots, 4K video, mic jacks and more. Canon should be innovating, and they have the Dual Pixel AF which is amazing. They have the tech and the pedigree. It’s time to start wowing us again.

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