Jared Polin called it. He said Canon would be the sleeper of the mirrorless camera wars and damn if 2020 isn’t shaping up to prove him right. Plus, every time I see him, I can’t help but immediately think L-Mount alliance. Cracks me up.

Canon decided to kill Nikon last night with a late-night announcement on the development of the EOS R5. It’s absolutely brutal when compared to the Nikon D6 launch just 24 hours prior. Not only is the 1DX III better than the D6, but now the EOS R5 is making one hell of a play at Sony’s full-frame mirrorless dominance. 

Yes, we don’t know what features Canon will nerf, but you get the sense Canon is tired of the complaints they are behind the times and are about to drop a bomb on the mirrorless world. Sony, if you have the a7s III ready, I strongly suggest you start teasing the damn thing and do it fast.

The development announcement lends a ton of credence to the rumors circulating the web. A lot of people were discounting them as more of a wishlist of Canon fans. Instead, it sounds like Canon is feeling like a Christmas in July. 

Confirmed Canon EOS R5 Details

Canon isn’t about to spill everything in a late-night press release, but we know the camera will shoot 20fps with the electronic shutter, and 12fps mechanical. That’s one hell of a shot at the Nikon D6 for a camera which will be priced at half the price of the Nikon’s new flagship DSLR. 

Other confirmations for the EOS R5 will be the introduction of IBIS for the first time in a Canon camera. Pair that with lens image stabilization, and things are looking really nice for the company. 

The company is also developing a new sensor for the camera body, which will have to be north of 30 megapixels due to its ability to shoot 8K video. For those who rightly slammed the manufacturer for not having dual card slots, your wish has been granted. Now, before we get excited, the outstanding question is what type of media these slots will accept. Hopefully, at least one, if not both, take advantage of CFExpress over SD, but we just don’t know. 

I buried the lede on the 8K video. That’s right. Canon, the camera manufacturer who inexplicably refused to put 4K video in anything but flagship camera bodies, is now leaping past competitors into 8K. There’s a major caveat to the video specs Canon mentioned. We don’t know if the company will nerf this feature with a crop or if it will record in RAW. Still, 8K will grab headlines. 

Canon EOS R5 Spec Rumors    

Score one for the rumor sites here. Nailed the name. The 8K video. Frames Per Second. IBIS. What else are they pretty set on? 

First, the sensor. With 8K video, we can safely assume the rumored 45MP sensor is a lock. 8K video needs a sensor north of 30 megapixels, and the rumors have been set on a brand new 45-megapixel sensor. We can’t push that into confirmation territory, but I wouldn’t bet against it. 

Video specs are where the rumor sites are hedging their bets. 8K video is happening, but most point to 30fps with no clear indication if it will be nerfed in some way, be it with a  crop or not using a RAW format. The 4K rumors definitely have my attention. The same people who called everything correctly are saying 4K at 120fps. Hell Canon, you can nix 8K and just give me that. 4K in slow motion? Yes, please. 

Other rumors are your standard launch windows, etc. Most expect to see the camera around July. That feels solid if you compare previous timelines of development announcements and then full launches. 

Pricing is another unknown factor, but the EOS R5 definitely has the 5D IV vibes to it. Something in the range of $3500 makes sense and makes it competitive with similar Sony cameras. 

What Does the Canon EOS R5 Mean for Nikon and Sony?

For Nikon, it’s devastating unless there is a Z-camera laying about with specs similar and priced competitively. The D6 launch is a dud against the 1DX III, and if Nikon doesn’t answer with something amazing to counter the EOS R5, the company could be looking at a massive financial problem.

Sony is in a better position, but the lack of the a7s III has a massive spotlight on it. The company has until summer before Canon potentially leapfrogs them with a mirrorless camera that compares favorably with a7s III unicorn and the a7r IV. I’d say Sony will be just fine, and with the EOS R5 announced, it should light a fire under them. 


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