canon eos r5 price leak debunked

The weekend saw pricing appear on an Australian retailer for the upcoming Canon EOS R5. At over $10,000 AUD, it would have worked out to be around $6700 in the US. Yeah, you can imagine the consternation among the Canon faithful. The ‘leaked’ price would be incredibly high for a camera that should be priced in the Canon 5D range. Hopefully.

Thankfully, it was a mistake on the part of the retailer who has since updated its listing with a $200 AUD deposit with an all-caps statement of “****THIS IS A HOLDING DEPOSIT THAT’S FULLY REFUNDABLE. IT’S NOT THE FULL PRICE. WE’LL CONTACT YOU ONCE WE HAVE FIRM PRICING****” 

It’s not unheard of for pricing to leak ahead of launch through retailers, but what grabbed everyone’s attention was the astronomical price. The innocent explanation is the retailer was setting up a placeholder. Why did they choose the awfully specific placeholder of $10,499 AUD? Well, it earned them a ton of referral traffic, so props to them for an accidental marketing coup. 

One of the final items left to reveal on the Canon EOS R5 is the price. We hope it keeps some level of affordability based on the Canon’s specs that read like a fevered dream of camera fans

The knee jerk reaction to the baseline specs and name is it will be placed somewhere in the range of the 5D IV. Granted, those specs are otherworldly, and either the price will impress, and the features are nerfed at the top end, or maybe we need to be prepared for a price increase. 

Either way, Canon’s endless tease should come to an end this month as the camera should be fully unveiled and start shipping sometime over the summer. There is a bit of uncertainty due to the ongoing pandemic, but final details for the Canon EOS R5 should be imminent.

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