Canon Full-Frame Mirrorless Still a Work in Progress
canon full frame mirrorless rumors

Waiting for Canon to unveil a mirrorless full-frame? We’ve been patient this long, how does the end of 2017 sound for an actual announcement? There is good news in the wait. According to Canon Rumors, when it does get announced, it won’t see a new lens mount.

That’s a huge sigh of relief among Canon fans. Sure, you can get an adapter, but that’s absurd to those who have invested thousands or tens of thousands in premium glass. The challenge facing Canon is making everything work within the confines of their current mounts (EF, EF-S, EF-M).

One avenue Canon is exploring is releasing a fixed lens full-frame camera before a rollout of a flagship. It makes sense and offers the company a bit of a bridge and market test.

What about design? When we think full-frame mirrorless, immediately the Sony a7 series pops to the top. For Canon’s first foray, that may not be the case. Instead, think the Sony RX1 in terms of aesthetics. Personally, just get it out in the wild and push the big camera companies to keep innovating.

sony rx1

Considering Sony’s pace of announcements, the rest of the field needs to get after the market. Use the massive gap in lenses to their advantage before Sony catches up. A late 2017 announcement is rough considering the a7 series will see refreshes or the a9 will make it into the wild before Canon jumps off the starting block in full-frame mirrorless.

All of this is pure speculation, but it’s educated speculation. Canon and Nikon will want to move in on Sony’s territory and in the end, the consumer wins. More options. Maybe lower prices (wishful thinking). And who doesn’t love buying a shiny new camera?

Look for the Canon mirrorless rumors to start flying fast in early 2017.

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