Still dreaming of a professional Canon mirrorless? It turns out, so is the company. According to a source talking to Canon Rumors, Canon is asking select Explorers of Light and other pros what are must-haves in a professional mirrorless system that would be “compelling enough to purchase and use.”

I know one must-have. No lens adapter. Canon is known for its library of lenses. Making an adapter necessary on any Canon mirrorless camera would immediately alienate a majority of pros.

Why is Canon asking? In a recent interview, the Canon CEO admitted to lagging regarding innovation and the company is determined to “raise our antennas high toward cutting-edge technology.”

It’s hard not to be a smart ass and say ‘how about current technology?’ Love you Canon, but why do you leave 4K to expensive flagships when the company pioneered the idea of video with DSLRs, and it has DPAF.

What do Canon Pros Want?

The easy answer is to look at Sony and do it better. But here’s a short list of assorted recommendations.

  • Standard EF mount without needing an adaptor
  • Solid build quality
  • Hot shoe
  • 4K video
  • High megapixel count
  • Built-in viewfinder
  • Focus Peaking
  • Wireless flash control
  • AF point selection joystick

Almost all are must-haves in a Canon mirrorless camera. The high megapixel count is subjective, and I’d expect Canon to address that with varying models similar to Sony’s a7 line.


Don’t start looking to upcoming trade shows for a debut. They are soliciting feedback on what pros want in a mirrorless camera. If these are recent surveys, it nearly tosses 2018 out the window unless the Canon’s outreach is more of a ‘did we get it right?’ over ‘what should we build.’

Canon joins Nikon as the bastions of the DSLR world who seem timid when it comes to releasing a legitimate pro-level mirrorless camera. Nikon has promised one is coming this year, but who knows? Canon’s survey appears to push 2018 out of the picture regarding a release.

Those hoping for new gear in mirrorless should look to Sony. After Panasonic announced the GH5s, the a7sIII is right around the corner. What do you think about a potential pro-level Canon mirrorless? Sound off below on what the must-have features are for it to emerge as a definite buy.

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