I’m serious. You’ll need an extra bucket of popcorn for Captain America: Civil War.

146 minutes. That’s the Captain America: Civil War runtime. For those political science majors (me), it breaks down to just under 2.5 hours. Equal parts fantastic and the thought of ‘I’ll be starving’ by the time the credits roll. And then the post-credits scene? I’ll waste away…

The runtime comes from Event Cinemas in Australia and isn’t the official line from Marvel. But, considering the casting of Captain America, it was always trending towards the longer side.

It also lines up with Batman v Super: Dawn of Justice which hits a similar length. Marvel is silent on the subject, and the 146 minutes could change before release, but it’s a solid target.

The length of Captain America would make the 13th Marvel film the longest yet. Keep this trend up, and we’ll be scheduling off half a day to catch a movie. Not complaining, but Marvel and DC should tread carefully on how far they push audiences.

Captain America Civil War is longest Marvel movie

For those not up on the Captain America saga, the Civil War storyline borrows from the 2006 comic book crossover that pitted Iron Man against Cap over what the Marvel superheroes should give up in personal freedom in the interest of national security.

If you don’t know the end, don’t spoil yourself. Wait for the movie. Personally, I can’t wait to see how Marvel Studios handles it.

The Longest Marvel Movies

Here is how the Marvel Studios’ catalog of films stack up in runtime (longest to shortest)

Captain America: Civil War – 146 minutes. It’s an unofficial number, but it should hold the top spot.

The Avengers – 143 minutes. Long, but shows the benefits of pacing. Also helps it was an absolute spectacle.

Avengers: Age of Ultron – 141 minutes. The 140-minute threshold for an Avengers film lends credibility to the argument Captain America: Civil War is essentially an Avengers film.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – 136 minutes. Is there a better Marvel movie?

Iron Man 3 – 130 minutes. Took the scenic route of messing up The Mandarin storyline.

Iron Man – 126 minutes.

Iron Man 2 – 125 minutes.

Captain America: The First Avenger – 124 minutes.

Guardians of the Galaxy – 122 minutes.

Ant-Man -117 minutes.

Thor – 114 minutes.

The Incredible Hulk – 112 minutes.

Thor: The Dark World – 112 minutes.

You can see the pattern Marvel Studios takes with the properties. If they are unsure of how it will play, the runtime is shaved down. Once the brand establishes itself, it jumps.

The exception being Thor: The Dark World. It was a sequel, but the length came under the first Thor. It’s speculation, but I’d lean towards Thor: Ragnarok being closer to Civil War’s runtime due to Marvel getting closer to The Infinity War.

Pick your favorite. Mine is Winter Soldier followed closely by Guardians of the Galaxy.

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