When You Need A Little More Captain Price In Your Life

Activision and Infinity Ward are telling Call of Duty fans everything they want to hear with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. A soft reboot. New engine. Our boy Captain Price is back. Just when you have a nagging thought that Call of Duty is well past its prime, Activision teases you that maybe it’s not. We’ll have to wait and see what they deliver, but the hype is back at the very least.

And the return of Captain Price isn’t only in the virtual world. Soon, you can have your own Captain Price figure silently judging your multiplayer performance. Activision is showing off the new figure at the Licensing Expo, which wraps up later today.

Here’s McFarlane’s Price figure looking a little depressed. C’mon guys, give this man his gun back.

Activision is also teaming up with the usual companies for other Call of Duty themed gear like Astro and Scuf Gaming.

Overwatch also received some love with action figures and a LEGO set I know my nephew will be begging me for this Christmas.

Buried in a press release, Activision hinted at the possibility of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice getting in on the consumer product action (i.e., action figures). Yep, Activision needs to get busy on that. If the quality is there, fans will jump all over it.

Jump on Twitter and check out #licensingexpo to see what the toy section will be filled with later this year.