Be honest; you’ve googled this before. I know I have. I see Citroën and think just because I live in Alabama, doesn’t mean I have to reinforce the stereotype. Thankfully, the coches.net YouTube channel has our back.

It’s subtitled for English speakers, but he goes around finding a native speaker for every car brand. Except for Honda. What the hell Honda? Where are your people? Americans will know our brands like Ford – no self-respecting southerner would get that wrong.

Others like BMW just throw you for a loop. Thanks, but I’ll stick with B-M-W unless I’m in Europe. DS is borderline cheating. I was expecting something random, and it’s actually as it looks.

Citroen and DS

Not every automaker is represented in the video, but Gerard Farré managed to find as many native speakers representing their respective brands as possible.

What about you? How many did you know beforehand? Surprisingly, I was spot on with Citroën. Liberal Arts degree coming through in the clutch. And Italians just make you want to buy their cars.

Alfa Romeo

The video is already trending on YouTube. Grab it and mess with your friends. See how many they butcher before showing them the clip.

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