After spending three seasons on the CW, he’s finally on the big screen. A potential blockbuster. He just had to become someone else… Something else…

Yeah, I like the Arrow. Stephen Amell is putting down the hood and bow for a bit to grab his hockey mask and stick. That’s right. He’s your Casey Jones for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sequel.

Right now, you’re thinking, it’s getting a sequel? Nearly grossing $500 million does that for a franchise. Even if the first was terrible.


I like it. The hockey mask is there. Granted, Amell is missing the long hair, but he does have season four of the Arrow to get back to.

Don’t worry, Michael Bay is not directing this one. He’s just a producer. Does that mean a bump in quality? Well, the film is adding Jones, Baxter Stockman, Bebop and Rocksteady. Fantastic, I feel old as hell now.

If you’re not up on your Turtle history, Casey Jones plays a vigilante (talk about typecasting Stephen Amell) who runs around wearing the hockey mask armed with a selection of sporting goods equipment.

tmnt casey jones stephen amell

Jones played a love interest for April O’Neil in all the previous live-action films, so we will get to see if Amell and Megan Fox have any on-screen chemistry.

The release date for TMNT 2 is set for 2016, so expect the marketing machine to ramp up in a hurry. We should start getting regular glimpses of the new characters filming, along with a teaser trailer sooner than later.

Luckily the film has the benefit of low expectations. Just adding the new characters makes it better. TMNT 2 can rely less on CGI and more on actual live-action. And, it’s cool to see Oliver Queen (Amell) make his leap to the big stage.


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