If all the YouTube redesigns, comment changes and supposedly lackluster ad rates has you down, here’s a dash of hope. Google’s YouTube is rolling out a few new features for the content creators out there. First up is a video series called Content Preview that shows a slate of soon-to-be-released features that Google is prepping to roll out on YouTube.

The one that is sure to get content creators buzzing? The revenue options. What? You didn’t think they sat around and made videos for the fun of it, did you? Content creation on YouTube has turned into six figure jobs for some, and YouTube is making it easier to fund their next video adventure.

Crowdsourcing captions available in sixty different languages as well as a direct channel donation button are coming to YouTube. If you are scoffing at the idea of donations, you should take a look at the Twitch ecosphere. Donations are everywhere there, so expect the same kind of fans to donate to their favorite YouTube channels.

The donation button is said to be similar to that rolled out by Vimeo. With the variety of languages on the donation button, YouTube creators will be able to ask for money with a near unlimited reach. Street performers for the digital age.

“We saw creators struggling a lot with not being able to do basic YouTube management stuff on their phone,” YouTube designer Molly Nix said in the video. “We saw this as a really great opportunity for us to build something that you guys can use on the go and manage your channel anywhere you are.”

Before you get your catchy donation slogans ready, the feature isn’t quite ready for primetime. YouTube has promised to get the feature out in the coming months, or at least more concrete information.

In addition to the revenue options, the mobile app will allow content creators to give more direct feedback to the company. The lack of a straight communication line has been a bone of contention for the creators. It looks as though that will be coming to an end. While there may still be some friction, the moves by YouTube are a step in the right direction.

It seems the change of leadership at YouTube earlier this year is paying off for content creators. Having an ad executive at the helm means one thing. Google is betting that YouTube is both a money-maker for the company and the content creators.


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