Casper is widening its reach in the mattress niche. Today, you can buy your dog their very own dog bed to ignore. My two border collies are of the mindset of if they have a queen mattress available, what’s the deal with a dog bed?

Casper understands the struggles in my house and is giving us 100 nights to convince Thunder and Lightning that their bed is in fact on the floor. Lighting’s response?


Thunder is too much of a gentleman to give you an ‘I’m in charge look.’ His method of taking over a bed is a hop and three step plop. Never knew a dog could time his steps to a pillow before Thunder. Nor how much a border collie could be a bed hog. Tight spaces? Sorry Casper, these fellas excel at turning a queen size mattress into a twin. They have skills.

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Casper Dog Beds Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Caper put in some man hours for man’s best friend. 110 prototypes were developed, 460 hours of lab testing and 11 months of dog sleep studies. All for the optimal sleeping spot for our beasts.

Foam is at the core of the dog bed. Our four-legged animals spend half their lives sleeping. It’s time to give them the cushion they deserve. Or a couch / mattress / daybed.

Most dogs like to scratch up a soft spot before settling in. Casper recognized this in development and created a top with excess material. It creates the sensation of digging into the perfect place for your beast without the risk of them destroying carpet. Win-win.

What about the dogs that see the bed as a giant chew toy. The company opted for a durable microfiber that withstands bite and claw marks.

Casper Dog Bed Clean Up

Dogs shouldn’t be the only ones having an easy time. Casper has made the beds handy for humans – also known as your dog’s personal assistant. A removable cover makes it easy to clean, and the solid construction will keep its shape. Hidden zippers will save for hardwood floors from scratching when my dog decides he’s interested in feng shui. The microfiber cover creates a slick surface that in nearly impenetrable to fur. No more cursing the Dyson vacuum for its terrible battery life. I’ll take that.

Price? It depends on of the size of your dog. Small pups up to 30 pounds can accidentally on purpose click on buy it now for $125. Medium sized dogs up to 60 pounds can grab a Casper for $150. Large mini humans up to 90 pounds can enjoy the 100-night trial for $225. Shipping will have it in your home by September 17 depending on the size you order.

Tip the scales past 90 pounds? It’s probably best to just clear off the couch and let them have at it. Now if I can convince them the dog bed is more comfortable, maybe I’ll enjoy my bed all to myself again.

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