Facebook ads everywhere? The company cracked the mobile advertising mystery and is now looking for the next revenue stream. It may come in the form of the retooled Atlas Advertiser Suite it bought from Microsoft over a year ago.

Microsoft initially bought the company in its $6 billion purchase of aQuantive in 2007. It had been trying to sell that piece for years, when Facebook finally snapped it up. Now we know why. Atlas head Erik Johnson explained the release in a blog post.

“We’ve rebuilt Atlas from the ground up to tackle today’s marketing challenges, like reaching people across devices and bridging the gap between online impressions and offline purchases.”

Translation? Facebook wants to open up its collection of users to direct ads via websites and mobile apps. They have the advertising bit down, now it’s about getting the conversions for advertisers.

To do that, they are pushing away from cookies – small files stored on your device that track your movements across the web. You just thought the NSA spied on you. Advertising platforms have it down to a science and throw out impulse buy roadblocks at every turn.

Johnson explained the ceiling of cookies and the reasoning behind moving past them. “Cookies don’t work on mobile, are becoming less accurate in demographic targeting and can’t easily or accurately measure the customer purchase funnel across browsers and devices or into the offline world.”

The first partner for the new Atlas is Omnicom. They are aiming right at mobile devices, a vertical where cookies don’t exactly perform well, if at all. CEO Jonathan Nelson explained via a statement.

“We know that 65% of all shoppers use their mobile devices while out shopping, but, unfortunately, cookies don’t work — or don’t work well — on mobile devices and thus fall short when accompanying a customer on a shopping journey. Atlas is exciting because it solves that problem and works across multiple devices, thus building a bridge from a stationary, offline device such as a home PC to the mobile device that’s right in the shopper’s hand.”

Already included in the analytics is Instagram. This enables advertisers to see actual people-engagement. It’s a wholly different metric than cpc and ctr. Seeing actual human engagement opens a new field of performance metrics for advertisers.

It also puts Facebook in a position to do battle with Google’s cash cow. Advertising.

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