Not that they would find anything, but everyday carry fans have always bemoaned travelling. Multitools are easy to forget and next thing you know you’re in a TSA line.

Hello, awkward search. Most of us own an EDC that has a knife. Roll up on a metal detector and you officially have a problem. Most of the time it’s surrendering your favorite multitool, and you’re stuck ordering a new one.

It’s one of the easiest things to forget. I remember forgetting I had one on me as I walked into the county courthouse. Yeah, that sudden realization of you have a knife on you while staring at two deputies. Luckily, Alabama sensibilities prevailed, and I went and tossed it back in the car.

A Better EDC Multitool?

What about those of you that don’t need the EDC that includes a rather large knife. Besides, everyday carry means you shouldn’t be pulling double duty as a sherpa hauling things around. It’s bad enough with smartphones.

CHA has released their card-sized special edition multitool to solve the TSA woes. It’s completely TSA compliant, and you never have to search the woefully unorganized toolbag when the package says assembly required.

Why is there hardware still left when it’s done? Hey, we can just say they packed extras…

[divider]CHA Special Edition[/divider]

You don’t get special without a little tacticool added. Made from CPM S35VN stainless steel, each has a weapons-grade ceramic coating. That tones down the stainless steel, making it non-reflective.

edc multitool from CHA

Over 30 functions are packed into the credit card sized tool. It will fit in most wallets at 2.84mm thick.

Here’s the complete breakdown of the 30+ functions:

23 hex wrenches, metric and imperial:
– Closed Hex Drivers ( 2.5mm, 3.2mm, 4mm, 5mm, 1/4″, 8mm, 10mm, 7/16″, 13mm, 9/16″, 16mm, 11/16″ )
– Open Hex Drivers ( 3/16″, 5.5mm, 1/4″, 8mm, 10mm, 7/16″, 13mm, 9/16″, 16mm, 11/16″, 19mm )
– 1/4″ hex driver with optional o-ring retention, designed to hold any 1/4″ screw bit shank for unusual fixes.
– 5 x 0.8mm flathead driver
– #2 phillips driver
– Bottle opener (open hex driver)
– Lanyard Hole
– Prybar with nail lifting slot
– Tapered straight edge
– 2″ imperial ruler
– 30mm metric ruler

Of course, the bottle opener. It’s not a multitool without a bottle opener. I think the market would riot if one ever launched without one. I blame the instruction manuals. If they made sense, we wouldn’t need to pop a cold one.

Check it out over at CHA-O-HA. If you have a person in your life that needs to lighten their pockets, the $80 price tag is intriguing for the holiday season.

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