Well, damn. Gambit is my favorite character from the X-Men and now the standalone movie has been thrown into doubt. The Wrap is reporting that Channing Tatum has dropped out as the titular character in Fox’s upcoming Gambit.

The film was part of Fox’s new plan to have its superhero franchises begin to crossover – X-Men and the Fantastic Four. Slated for an October 2016 release, the film is now a giant question mark.

Not only was Channing Tatum set to star as Gambit, but he was also set to be a producer on the film with his producing partner, Reid Carolin. It isn’t known if the two will remain attached to the project, or if Tatum dropping the role is a complete drop of the project.

Two weeks ago, Channing Tatum lit up Comic-Con with a surprise appearance on the X-Men panel to hype everyone about the movie. Today? It’s in disarray.

Why Channing Tatum Left Gambit

The move is a blow to Fox. You’re not going to get a star with more momentum, or a damn near perfect actor to play Gambit. Everyone’s question is why?

It could come down to Tatum wanting something a bit bigger for the character. The crossover of Fox’s superhero franchises is borrowing a page from Disney and Warner Bros. Once you get a collection of superheroes, screen time becomes an issue.

And Gambit was a passion project for the actor. Being a producer on the film was just as important as being the character. Which leads to an interesting quote from The Wrap:

“Gambit” has long been a passion project for Tatum, whose attachment encouraged 20th Century Fox to ramp up production. However, Tatum also has larger ambitions, which may play a role in the current situation.

For us fans, it’s sad news. Out of all the standalones, Gambit had me the most excited. Probably because Fox owes us after X-Men Origins: Wolverine depiction of Gambit.

I’ll keep you updated as more news breaks surrounding the film.


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