ChargeDoubler Wants You Unchained From Smartphone Chargers
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Raise your hands if your iPhone’s battery meter is blinking red. I know my brother, Alex, is the king of letting a phone languish with 4% battery life.

ChargeDoubler is a Kickstarter project aiming to solve your battery woes faster. Up to 200% faster. Hard to hate on that. ChargeDoubler works with your iPhone or Android device. Hey, Android getting some love.


The magnetic cable is small enough to fit on your keyring but powerful enough to post impressive numbers. It communicates with your charging source to ramp the current to 1 A (1.000mA) instead of 0.5 A (500mA).

Sign me up for cutting the charge time in half. We all know the marketed battery life on our phones is in perfect settings. Me running location-aware apps, watching Netflix and using iMessage? Let’s just say it’s not Apple’s ideal battery life setting. Instead, I call it real-world.

For those wondering about the USB power source, it is compatible with USB-C. I know some of you, including me, are looking at new computers and having compatibility is a must.

ChargeDoubler Specifications

Here are the details of the device:

  • charging acceleration with up to 200%
  • portable (60mm effective length) through small & smart design
  • data protected charging (DPC)
  • magnetic lock with N50 neodym magnets for strong adhesion
  • spray water safe
  • plug & play (universal operation system support)
  • works with every USB charger (also wall- & car chargers), power banks
  • flexible 2.75″ (7cm) cable avoids the risk of breakage
  • two pair 24AWG conductor for low resistance


How the Hell Does it Work?

Once you connect the ChargeDoubler to your phone and the power source, the cable’s internal circuit board starts communicating with both. It demands a full 1000mA current from your computer while denying attempts to establish a data connection. Plug it in and double your speed.

If you need a bit of style, it comes in light blue, orange, lime green, pink and grey.

It’s a Kickstarter campaign, which immediately makes you ask the question ‘when?’ How does August sound? It is one the few projects you will find with a short turnaround time.

ChargeDoubler has already whipped past its funding goal and still has ten days remaining to rack up pledges. Pricing for one is about $12 depending on your device. The pledge is in Euros, so it might be a few pennies in either direction depending on today’s exchange rate.

Head over to the Kickstarter page to read more or select your pledge amount.

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