Hand it to Martha Stewart to show you how to do something you probably already do. That’s cut various shapes of cheese. Because nothing says party like you correctly cutting cheese. Damn cheese police.

So, here’s a pictorial from Martha Stewart Living to make sure you don’t look foolish the next time you throw out a cheese plate. Or, you could always order a pizza. Work smarter not harder.

The Semisoft Wedge

Cheese like Gruyere, Danish fontina and Tomme de Savoie have a speciality cut. Or, just cut it like you have been. Cut the the wedge crosswise and then vertically at the rind. Problem solved.


Soft Pyramid

It turns out you don’t grab a cheese grater and just butcher it. Cut wedges out from the center. Thanks Martha, that never crossed my mind. Cheese in this shape are normally goat cheeses.

soft pyramid cheese


Another common sense cut. How would you approach something shaped as a log? Cut it into long strips to screw with your guests? The correct cut is what you assume. Slice it like a cookie roll.

cheese log

Wheel Cheese

If It’s shaped like a pizza, it gets cut like a pizza. It’s one of the rules of Fight Club. Trust me. Marth agrees and you cut it into even wedges from the center. Yeah, have fun trying to get everything perfectly even.

wheel cheese

There you have it folks. Tips on cheese cutting you probably already employed. But, it never hurts for a refresher courtesy of Martha Stewart. I wonder if she gives out stock tips in her magazine.


IMG Credits: Martha Stewart Living

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