Go ahead, Chevrolet. Tease the US market with the a concept from your Thai division. You mean I’ll have to move to Phuket to drive one? Beach living and a badass Chevy? Tough call…

The Chevrolet Thailand division unwrapped the Colorado Xtreme concept based on the global production model. While we may not see the actual truck, the design cues are the direction Chevrolet wants to take its upgraded off-road vehicles.

Chevrolet Colorado Xtreme

Sure, it won’t be stateside, but the major rumor is the automaker is planning to release a ZR2 package for the Colorado line. It’s not out of the question to see some elements from the Thai Xtreme make it into the final US package.

Chevrolet Colorado Xtreme truck concept

The Xtreme concept borrows heavily from the ZR2 concept unveiled at the LA Auto Show in 2014. The hood vent is similar, as is the front bumper. The major difference between the two is the integrated LED light bar on the Xtreme.

Would the light bar make it into a production model for the ZR2? It’s doubtful, but an interesting feature nonetheless.

Chevrolet Colorado Xtreme truck LED off-road lights

Other exterior features of note on the Colorado Xtreme are fog lights, snorkel for the engine, roof rack and over-the-bed rails. All of which stand a good shot at making a final ZR2 package. Either standard or as an upgrade.

Jumping inside and what you see isn’t much different from a U.S. truck. The big addition? The dash-mounted inclinometer. Ok, Chevy. That has to happen in a production vehicle.

Chevrolet Colorado Xtreme truck interior

If, and it’s a big ass if, the truck makes it to the production line, you are looking at a non-US off-road vehicle. What makes it into the teased ZR2 is an open question. But a ZR2 for the Colorado? It would directly compete against the Ford F-150 Raptor and more than hold its own.

The Colorado’s dimensions put it in the midsize category. It can go down trails the Raptor can only sit back and dream of. Add the upgraded suspension, larger wheels and tires, recovery winch, metal bumpers and LED off-road lights and Chevrolet is staring at a winner.

Well, a concept of a winner. Here’s hoping it sees the light of day in the states and does not live on the internet as a ‘why can’t we buy this’ vehicle.

Time will tell.

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