Surf location a bit too remote? Chevy has the answer with its Chevrolet X Hurley Colorado Z71 Concept truck. It could stand a shorter name. The pickup isn’t your typical off-roader thanks to surf-centric features. It’s a concept, but the additions could easily be added to a stock Chevy Colorado.

A feature that will jump out at you is the seafoam green paint. Chevy managed to pick the one color that you either love it or hate it. Considering it’s for surfers, it’s growing on me. Especially when paired with blacked-out wheels.

Chevrolet X Hurley Colorado bed

The custom rack on the roof comes complete with two Pyzel boards. For the bed, Chevrolet opted for a Bimini style bedcover and a bed-mounted Thule rack for drying wetsuits and storing drinks.

Inside the Hurley Colorado Concept is an interior done in ventiprene. It’s similar to neoprene, the breathable material in wetsuits. The idea is once your day is done, no one wants to sit around drying off. Interior seats wrapped in ventiprene allows you to go once everything is loaded up.

Polishing off the features is a custom exhaust and off-road lights.

Chevrolet X Hurley Colorado rear

When will we see it in showrooms? Maybe never, but we have one hell of a template to create a dedicated pickup truck for surfers. And that’s probably a good thing. You may not want Pyzel boards, or you look at the seafoam green and reach for the Dramamine before hitting the water.

Chevrolet already has the special edition Shoreline Colorado which has nearly the identical specs. It lacks the interior fabric, but that’s what towels are for. Or buy the Z71 Midnight because it looks badass. Something about a blacked out truck that immediately turns heads. And you can hit Thule for custom racks to store your surfboards or paddleboards.

The bonus of being able to pick a color you like can never be discounted. Check out Chevy for more details on the Colorado special editions.

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