I know, it’s tough going to the store. Always forgetting that one random thing. Thankfully, that’s where Chiefs skin care steps in. Who hasn’t forgotten to grab the sunglasses along with your bottle of body wash?

What? You think that day at the lake means you can skip on one of the two? Hell no, you need both – a body wash and some wayfarer sunglasses.

Made for men, the limited edition 22 oz bottle comes complete with a pair of sunglasses inside the bottle. Before you think that’s going to be a mess, the wayfarer shades come wrapped in plastic to keep them dry.

At $35, it’s a solid deal. Most body washes that don’t come from your local CVS cost in this range, and they don’t come with a pair of shades. Oh, and when the bottle is empty, rinse it out and use it as a water bottle.

Chiefs is like the Leatherman of men’s skincare. I’m only half-joking when I say I expect a bottle opener on my shaving cream tin.

Are they Ray-Ban quality? No, but it fulfills a need. Do you really want to lose a $100+ pair of sunglasses jetskiing? From personal experience, that answer is an emphatic no.


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