Unique games do pay off. The developers behind the role-playing game, Child of Light, are now a core team at Ubisoft Montreal according to a CVG interview.

Child of Light released back in April to a solid reception. “We are super happy with Child of Light. The team did a good job and the had a great reception,” Ubisoft Montreal’s VP of Creative, Lionel Raynaud tells CVG.

“We were proud to deliver something new and unique – a lot of people were surprised that Montreal was delivering this kind of game,” Raynaud added.

Raynaud cited the team’s work with RPG mechanics as one of the reasons for the developer becoming a core team.

Game director Patrick Plourde, known for his work on Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry 3, pitched the idea of Child of Light. Ubisoft encourages its developers to pitch ideas between AAA projects. Other smaller Ubisoft titles, such as Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and Valiant Hearts, started in similar ways.

It’s a process I wish more top-end developers would adopt.

As for what’s next for the Child of Light developers? They are working on a new project, but details are slim. Raynaud did tell CVG Ubisoft Montreal will continue to support the development of smaller, unique titles such as Child of Light. Plus, it gives Ubisoft a chance to try out new ideas without the enormous expectations of a AAA title.

Check out the CVG article to learn more about Ubisoft’s thought process behind these unique titles.


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