What to do with an estimated $200 million net worth? Well, it’s Christmas, so you have to go big. Justin Bieber did, and gifted himself a private jet, straight from the North Pole. His gift throws out the whole maxim of naughty or nice.

What kind of jet? A Gulfstream G6 complete with 8 leather seats, a lounge and a large sofa. There is some arguments on whether he actually bought the jet, or grabbed a timeshare. This particular Gulfstream crushes a cash register at $60 million. And that doesn’t include maintenance, filling it up and the pilots.

He may be worth $200 million, but it’s hard to see him taking out more than a quarter of his wealth just to buy a jet. Granted, smart money decisions aren’t what you associate with pop singers.

Justin gave his Instagram followers a few shots of the jet, captioning, “New jet for Christmas, and she’s beautiful.”

Even if it’s a timeshare, the G6 is awesome. Who wouldn’t love a private jet?



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