If you have Chromecast and an active cable subscription, you are getting access to the Showtime Anytime and Starz apps today. Google announced a key update to allow users to access the Showtime Anytime app from the $35 dongle. Users will be able to access shows such as Homeland and The Affair.

In addition to the Showtime, Starz Play has also added Chromecast support. Like HBO Go, these apps require a cable subscription. Or, you can just use your parents’ password for Xfinity and you’re good to go. Either works.

Out of the two, Starz Play is the bigger ‘get’ for Chromecast. The app wasn’t available on Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Fire TV. Showtime’s app was. So, if you haven’t seen Spartacus on Starz, get on it today.

Chromecast Games

You know Google can’t resist the opportunity to replace the Wii in your living room. Additional casual games have been added to Chromecast, along with the ability to use your smartphone as the controller.

The casual games Google is touting for Chromecast today are what you would define as ‘party’ games. Drinking games are optional, but recommended. The new games include Just Dance Now, Emoji Party, Big Web Quiz, Wheel of Fortune, Connect Four and Monopoly Dash

With the new premium movie channel apps and the games, Chromecast is cementing itself as a cheap entertainment center for the living room. Next year will be interesting as HBO moves to unbundle from cable providers, along with CBS. You can bet on Showtime and Starz following the lead.

All the updates are live as of today. Check out the list of supported apps on Chromecast’s official site.

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