Office need a little – maybe a lot – organization? The award-winning industrial designer Claudio Sibille has developed a rolling cabinet that hides an entire office setup. It’s meant for the laptop warriors among us, but what looks like a rolling cabinet is much more.

The Ludovico Office, from Expand Furniture, does everything a regular cabinet does – hides our junk. But the side panel flips up and then down to create a desk perfect for a laptop, a cup of coffee (water, I mean soda for me) and maybe a few other random things I toss on my desk.

Here’s where it gets pretty damn cool. Inside the frame of the cabinet is a full-size chair you can pull out and settle in to act like you’re working. Hey, browsing Reddit is work, correct? It’s not our fault r/aww makes everyone want a new puppy.

Ludovico Office from Expand Furniture

The idea behind the Ludovico Office is you can move about your house. I can’t tell you the countless times I’ve moved my iMac around out of sheer boredom or for better light. This allows you to roll the desk around with it.

Its design is minimalistic so those wanting a sleek look will be impressed with the natural wood and white finish. Priced at $995, it’s not a bank account buster either for those looking to add a home office without actually adding a home office.

The Ludovico Office forces us to learn better organizational skills. Turns out having a stack of reports, empty cans, and assorted SD cards is not the best system. Seriously, I don’t even remember buying that many SD cards.

Head over to Expand Furniture to learn more.

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