Congratulations humanity. We continue our descent into ignorance with the new word additions to the online Oxford dictionary. But hey, you only live once, right? The two in the title are not the only ones getting the nod.

Adorbs is getting the prestigious add. Oh fantastic, it doesn’t even show up in spell checker now. How adorable. The word means cute or adorable. Annoying too, because you can’t take the extra second to type out adorable.

Those Netflix aficionados among us have officially added binge-watching to the lexicon. I’ve been guilty of this, so I can’t complain about the addition. Bro hug is getting placed into the online version, which is another word for man hug, or you know, just a hug. Two guys can give each other a hug without a special word.

Clickbait and tech-savvy are being added. Is it me, or has tech-savvy been used for damn near a decade? Not seeing why it has taken so long. Hot mess is also being added. If you need a pictorial of what this is, open up your Instagram or Facebook account. Seek and you shall find.

Mansplain is sure to draw the ire of people. It is the act of explaining something from a man’s perspective in a condescending way. Neckbeard also made the cut along with amazeballs.

The takeaway from this? We spend way too much time on our smartphones. We better hope the emissions from phones don’t cause cancer, or the world is doomed soon enough.

Katherine Connor Martin is the editor of the Oxford Dictionaries. She talked about the addition of informal slang.

“Naturally, many words are used in similar frequencies in the UK and US, for instance the informal additions ‘amazeballs’ and ‘neckbeard’. However, some new slang and informal words catch on much more quickly in a particular variety of English – for instance, in our monitoring sample, side-boob is more than 10 times more common in the UK than in the US whereas ‘adorbs’ is used about four times more often in the US as in the UK.”

I wonder how much eye rolling she does daily at these additions. There should be a prop bet on that alone. Would be an interesting over/under.


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