Is your closet in need of some serious design help? I’m going to look sheepishly away at my own question. It does need help – in the form of light it on fire and start over. For those of you looking to add a touch of style, a new Kickstarter campaign will make its way on your Pinterest board.

cling clothes hanger design

CLING is HANGDSGN’s answer to the traditional clothes hanger. Yes, we’ve all cursed our current hangers and snapped off more hooks than we care to admit. What we need is a minimalist approach to hanging up our shirts, suits, sweaters and other clothing.

The CLING hanger is hookless by design, using Neodymium magnets to attach to conventional closet clothing rods. Without the hook, you are limited to 2.5 pounds of weight you can place on the hanger. It’ll handle anything but the fur coat. Or that giant Everest parka you have lying around.


The team came up with the idea after wanting something to display their favorite outfits in both a functional and stylish way. Nothing garish, just clean and simple lines.

Why choose magnetic hangers? Not only does it look great in your closet, it also serves a functional purpose. If you have a clothing addiction, you’ve collapsed more than a few clothing racks. Instead of a hook pulling the rack downward, the pressure is more evenly distributed.

Each hanger is crafted from environmentally friendly ABS terpolymer. The construction allows it be impact resistant and hold up to a considerable amount of pressure.

cling clothes hanger kickstarter campaign

If you need the hook, CLING doesn’t leave you hanging…

With the Neodymium magnet as the principal hanging feature, the team was able to redesign the hook. Each hook is backed by a steel plate to allow you to hang it like a traditional hanger, or underneath the hanger itself.

If you prefer the hookless style, you can use 3M tape to place the hooks throughout your house to hold keys, bags, etc. It’s a great added function, so you’re not tossing out pieces of your order.

CLING Kickstarter

It’s crowdfunding, so timelines are important to backers. According to the campaign page, here’s the current timeline:

  • Campaign will end mid-August and funds will arrive at the end of August.
  • Manufacturing will take place throughout September and until mid-October.
  • Quality control will be conducted throughout the manufacturing period through inspections and prior to shipping.
  • Shipping will start at the earliest around the second week of October.

How much will the CLING hangers set you back? $19 will get you three hangers. $24 for four. Eight hangers for $35. Ten hangers will set you back $50. Shipping is free inside the United States.

The campaign just started and runs through August 7. It needs a goal of $6,700 to be funded, and it stands at nearly $700. If you prefer to wait, keep an eye on HANGDSGN for any post-Kickstarter news.

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