CNET Print. CNET Aims for the Forest With Quarterly Magazine
cnet print magazine

We all remember newsstands, right? The magazine section of your favorite bookstore or market? In a welcome switch, CNET is going web-to-print. The tech news and review site is trying to push the narrative of ‘you can’t get certain experiences online.’

I get they have to push it, but I think just announcing a new consumer technology magazine is great for consumers. People still enjoy the feel of holding a magazine. And CNET is right, splashy photography does look better in print than on your smartphone.

The print version also allows CNET to go a different route in the technology space. It seems everyone has an app or 5 for their site at this point. Now, you can pick that gift guide up on newsstands. Trust me, it’s easier to point out that graphics card you want for Christmas over digging through your thousands of bookmarks.

Outside of its normal gear and tech articles, the CNET print edition will go a bit life hack on you. Ever wondered how to extend the life of your batteries? There’s an article for that. Maybe you need to know how to perfectly position your flat screen. CNET will cover that.

With a magazine comes the issue of the cover. LL Cool J gets the inaugural nod. When he’s not saving the world, or at least Los Angeles, on TV, the man loves him some technology.

You can get the magazine’s first issue today and subscribe here. The next edition will be hitting around March 2015. Maybe they can do a piece on how to get that new treadmill out-of-the-way.

Right now, they have a deal for both the winter and March issues. Both retail for $8.99, while the winter edition is on sale for $5.99.

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