Coast Guard Seizes Enough Cocaine to Make Tony Montana Blush
coast guard cocaine bust

The U.S. Coast Guard and its partners were busy in March. Operation Martillo was successful in recovering a large quantity of cocaine in two separate busts last month.

The U.S. Coast Guard showed off the bust to the media yesterday in Miami. 7,000 pounds in 127 bales were seized by the Coast Guard. “We can safely assume that these drugs probably would have ended up here,’ said U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Junior Grade Meaghan Gies to The Miami Herald.

The first bust occurred on March 15. The Canadian ship, Glace Bay, boarded a fishing boat on fire. On board, were various people from Central and South America. The ship moved to assist the men, but quickly found 97 bales of cocaine dumped in the water.

The second seizure occurred in the waters off Colombia and Honduras four days later. A U.S. Coast Guard ship fired warning shots at a boat after spotting crew members throwing bales of cocaine into the water. The crew members were arrested and most of the cocaine was recovered.

Gies praised the efforts of the Coast Guard and their allies. “It is one of the larger hauls the Coast Guard has brought in, in recent memory,” said Gies at a press conference.

“The main goal of the Coast Guard is to stop this bulk contraband, this cocaine, from contributing to the crime and violence of South Florida.”

So, what happens to all the cocaine? The 7,000 pounds will be given to the DEA and destroyed.

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