Imagine a world where you’re not being reminded by your mom or that one friend that freaks out every time you forget to use a coaster. I’ll admit my guilt. Sorry, sometimes you just forget.

ChefCharger, a Boston-based company, is aiming to change that with Circle. It’s a coaster that charges your smartphone. Nice, I can keep my smartphone addiction fully charged and avoid the dreaded ring stains.

We all end the day by plopping down on the couch to channel surf and staring at our phone. One problem? The phone’s battery. Let’s just say the advertised battery life is some perfect scenario where you don’t actually use it.

Our reality? It’s damn near dead, and we have somehow arranged the living room furniture out of reach of all the wall outlets. Drop a Circle, grab a drink and charge your phone.

Damn, I need to graft one of these to Alex. He’s the king of letting his phone get to 2% battery life. The last time I saw it at 100%? When I was setting it up with AT&T.

Circle Coasters MIT Designed and Tested

The Circle has serious design pedigree. Who else but someone at MIT would design a coaster to charge your phone?

Design options for the Circle coaster

It was an idea born from Lana Ibragimova, who noticed customers at the restaurants she managed always wanted to be near a power outlet to charge their phones. It was her ‘light bulb’ moment in which she knew there was a better way.

I didn’t want to put ugly-looking bulky boxes in the middle of the tables. I had to come up with something more elegant and natural for a fine dining environment: a charging device that would look like a stylish tabletop accessory with an additional functionality. I met my co-founder, Alex, while studying at MIT – and together, we founded ChefCharger to bring the idea into reality.

Circle has already seen success at restaurants in the area. Owners love offering the feature and patrons have been clamoring to take one home.

Enter the Kickstarter campaign. Lana wants to bring ChefCharger’s Circle into your home. Fully-charged phones and side tables that don’t have the unsightly ring stains. Win-win.


Besides keeping the power on, a Circle coaster also offers design options. You can opt to use the company’s logo, one of the many engraved options, or design it yourself.

Features of the ChechCharger Circle coaster

Yeah, go crazy with it. Love your pet? Have your dog’s mug printed on your set. Own a business? Trust me when I say a coaster charging a customer’s phone is more impactful than any business card.

Want to save the world and leave Al Gore smiling? ChefCharger is eco-friendly. Each coaster is made from bamboo while the charging base is made from acacia, pine and cherry wood. The charging cable is fabric, eliminating as much plastic as possible.

Circles are waterproof. It has a 3000mAh battery inside, but you can feel free to be that person that spills their beer everywhere. Wipe it off and it’s fine.

Each package offers the opportunity to customize the coaster’s charging port. House full of Apple fans? You can get three with lightning connectors. Android or the rare Windows Phone owner? MicroUSB connections are available. Have a split family? Mix and match the connection possibilities.

Circle Kickstarter

Already battle-tested in restaurants, the Circle wants to make the leap into your home. ChefCharger is looking for $45,000 to make the project a reality and is already past $5,000 a day into the campaign. The company’s Kickstarter ends on January 20, 2016.

What about ship dates? It is the first thing I look for on a campaign’s page. ChefCharger is aiming for March 2016. Quick Alabama math puts it at just over a month after the campaign ends.

Pricing has early bird specials. You can get a set of three with the Circle logo for $80. That will jump to $100 once the 75 sets are gone. At $100, you can choose between the Circle logo or the company’s design template gallery.

Want a custom design? $110 for a set of three with your image and text.

Not an artist but want something unique? ChefCharger has pulled in artist Jon Burgerman for limited edition sets. He has collaborated with a who’s who of global brands including Pepsi, Nike, Nintendo and MTV.

The limited edition sets are capped at 100 units and $130 will get a set of three with his laser-etched doodle art. Want a full-color Burgerworld Circle? The set is offered through the campaign for $150.

Circle answers a problem we all have in our house. It makes the coaster into something we won’t forget. We stay connected at all times. And it keeps our moms happy. Now that’s a win.

Learn more over at Kickstarter campaign page.

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