Cobalt, a private aircraft manufacturer, has just made the personal aircraft downright gorgeous. Ok, so the name doesn’t exactly fit into a rap song, but damn.

I can hear Goose in my ear saying you want to make enough money to afford the $750,000 list price. I got you, but I’m not leaving my wingman…

The ultra-sleek Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie is the fastest plane in its single-piston class. Top speed? 260 knots. Its closest competitor maxes out at 242 knots. The Valkyrie’s max cruise speed exceeds that at 245 knots.

That’s an older video, but you can see the newest prototypes below.

Cobalt co50 Valkyrie exterior with cockpit open

What jumps out at you the most? The cockpit’s canopy. Affording a 320-degree view, you almost want to know someone else with one so you can reenact Top Gun. The FAA discourages that, and you’ll probably land in some hot water. Bureaucrats and their lack of fun…

The Valkyrie is a canard aircraft, which means it has a forewing to increase maneuverability and prevent stalls. If you have a complete brain freeze or something breaks, Cobalt offers a parachute system to get you back on the ground.

[divider]Range and Propulsion[/divider]

For a single engine aircraft, it has some legs. Fully-fueled, it will stretch out to 1,050 NM or 1,200 miles. The engine is located in the rear of the plane to keep cabin noise to a minimum.


The looks don’t stop on the exterior. The California-based Cobalt has former Hermès to hand-stitch the leather seats. What about your tablet? Don’t worry, the dashboard has a spot to dock your iPad.

Cobalt aircraft interior design features

Each Valkyrie has room for five including the pilot. Storage according to the company is “ample storage for golf clubs, skis and suitcases.”

Buying a Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie

You know the price, and if you have the bank account and space, you’re wanting to know how you can snap one up. Cobalt is still making its way through FAA certification to sell the planes, and a preordered plane is expected to deliver in 2017.

Patience is the name of the game. Or, you can opt for the Valkyrie-X. Same model, but based on the FAA experimental certification. You save $100,000 and a year, but it’s on you to obtain the certification from the FAA.

If I had $750,000 to toss around, I’d wait for the FAA certification.

Private Aircraft Market

If you want to grab your wings, you’ll be paying serious cash. The cheapest option that retains the style and luxury is the Icon A5 at just under $200,000. Cobalt’s Valkyrie sits in the middle at $750,000. The upper range? Something like the Cirrus Vision SF50 at nearly $2 million.

Sorry Goose, my debit card got caught in the jet wash and had to eject. I’ll stick to flying commercial. But I’ll keep dreaming…

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