Who wants to send man back to the moon when there isn’t even a coffee maker in space? I mean, priorities NASA. You’re supposed to have a team of people sitting around thinking stuff up. The Italians are coming in to save the day and residents of the International Space Station will have soon have access to ISSpresso. Yeah, no one ever said they were branding geniuses. Just rocket scientists.

Partnering with Italian engineering firm Argotec and coffee giant Lavazza, Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti is looking to come to the ISS bearing a coffee maker. You just can’t do spacewalks without a solid cup of espresso.

If you are thinking it’s a bit extravagant to haul a 20kg coffee maker to space, it does serve multiple purposes. The device can be used to make tea and broth. Yeah, so chicken soup for outer space in capsule form. Oh, and before you think this is Starbucks level coffee, remember that the water on board ISS is actually recycled from their urine.

We are definitely entering Bear Grylls territory when it comes to coffee in space. Lavazza, the coffee conglomerate behind the machine already has a YouTube video out on the device. One can never stop marketing. Though, I’m pretty sure Italians will stick to their current espresso makers versus using a space-age one.

The technical details of the ISSpresso have to contend with the rigors of microgravity. All the plastic tubing of a conventional coffee maker has been replaced with steel tubes capable of 400 bar pressure. Parts of the espresso will be redundant as is required on the space station.

America may run on Dunkin, but it looks like the ISS will run on Lavazza. Check out the splashy video put out by the company.


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