Watch the CNBC GOP Debate? 14 million of us did at some point. I caught a few questions before I moved on to see if the History Channel discovered aliens yet. Still no luck on that one. Damn pyramids…

The debate did offer up plenty of fodder for the late-night shows. I’m torn between if CNBC acted like morons for fun, or if the moderators just thought the GOP debate was a carryover from their day jobs of trying to prop up the NYSE.

Everyone’s favorite takedown of the debate was Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. Here’s the nearly 8-minute video of him taking down the moderators and candidates a peg or two:

All it does is make me miss the Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central. The Washington Post may call the above a brutal takedown, but nothing would have matched a Jon Stewart / Stephen Colbert tag team about the moderators and candidates.

There were a couple funny moments. Like Ted Cruz telling you he would drive you home versus having a beer with you. Seeing as the whole presidential nominee isn’t going to work out, Uber is always looking for drivers.

Undoubtedly the CNBC debate was a train wreck of epic proportions for the moderators and Colbert is right when he said the network conducted the debate “unburdened by a shred of respect.”

cnbc gop debate and stephen colbert

In the end, the Late Show is a great platform for Stephen Colbert. I get why he took the job. The prestige of the brand. It is hard not to miss the biting satire of the Colbert Report.

You really miss it when it comes to political satire. He was always on top and the bane of every politician.

GOP Debate and Late-Night

Colbert wasn’t the only one getting in on the post-debate action. Jimmy Kimmel thought it was a mess, and James Corden happily used CNBC’s transcript against them.


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