Hollywood pulled a deft move at Comic-Con 2016. The summer box office has been lackluster at best. Remember when Independence Day: Resurgence was supposed to be a tentpole? Yeah…

Luckily we can get hyped for a slate of movies later this year and 2017. And Comic-Con delivered. I’m not sure whether to applaud Warner Bros. on their spectacular line-up or accept their apology. Because having Justice League footage showed a complete 180 of what we saw in Batman v Superman. In Snyder we trust? I’m willing to give the man another shot.

Justice League

Spoiler alert. Aquaman’s mother is named Martha too. Couldn’t resist. All seriousness, DC’s version of the Avengers looks incredible. The darker tone is gone, but not the dark aesthetic.

Should we be cautiously optimistic or hyped beyond? Screw it; I vote hyped.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman double arrow shot

Keeping in the DC universe, Wonder Woman is shaping out to be a must see film. Any doubts about Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman should be put to bed. She was the best part of BvS. And only Captain Kirk manages to discover an island full of women.

Damn right. The riff is back. And it’s not an electric guitar. No, we can thank the insanely talented Tina Guo on the electric cello for the iconic riff.

Doctor Strange

The more I see from this film, the more I’m 100 percent sold. It looks great. And I didn’t realize it, but that’s my man Kublai Khan (Benedict Wong) in the film. If you haven’t seen the second season of Marco Polo, you’re missing out. And Netflix, you better give it a third.

Kong: Skull Island

Wait, a King Kong movie that looks good? Plus Samuel L. Jackson? That’s right motha*****. He’s tired of this big ass gorilla knocking down his helicopters. It would be too Deep Blue Sea if Kong ate him during the movie, but one can hope.

Kong: Skull Island

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Or the next episode of Game of Thrones. Hard to tell, but Guy Ritchie is behind the camera again. It’s debatable if that’s a good thing:

Well, Warner Bros. couldn’t win everything. Who is even sure what the hell we watched? Raised from the streets, Charlie Hunnam stars in the one film that has destiny on its side. King Arthur is releasing against Power Rangers.

Way too much CGI happening in this film. A gorilla, the size of a skyscraper, shouldn’t be more convincing than a late Roman empire-early Medieval battle. Seriously, we are talking Gods of Egypt level CGI. And we know the runaway hit that was.

Then again, it could surprise. There’s no competition of note surrounding it. It’s two weeks post Kong: Skull Island and three past Wolverine 3.

There are plenty of other trailers that hit over the weekend, but those were the big five that grabbed the attention. Sound off below and link your favorite moments from Comic-Con 2016.

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