In the latest “Clueless Gamer,” Conan O’Brien heads down to AT&T Stadium to try out Madden NFL 25, Flower and Need for Speed: Rivals. AT&T Stadium, better known as Jerry’s World, is home to a 72’ x 160’ screen.

Conan and his buddy Bley sit several hundred feet away from the screen. Conan was quick with the quips on each game. He poked fun at Phil Simms and how the developers “caught how Phil Simms has dead eyes” while playing Madden 25.

“Oh my god! There’s no way these guys weren’t high when they invented this,” said O’Brien when playing Flower.

Conan goes on to play Need for Speed: Rivals and finishes it off with Street Fighter.

What games would you like to play on a massive, 160-foot screen. Pick three. For me? The Last of Us, Outlast and Titanfall.

Check out the Clueless Gamer segment below.


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