I guess I’ve been living under a rock for a couple of days. On January 31st, Jace Hall asked a question on Facebook. Should he explore the idea of resurrecting the Condemned franchise?

I have two words Jace – hell yes.

Condemned: Criminal Origins was released alongside the Xbox 360 nearly 10 years ago. It wasn’t perfect, but it was one hell of a horror title for the Xbox 360. A sequel added multiplayer a few years later, and was also a solid entry into the franchise.

It makes perfect sense to resurrect Condemned. Here is the main reason why.

The Horror Genre is Even Bigger Now

With the huge explosion in YouTube (Let’s Play videos in particular) and Twitch, horror games are always a popular title for people to watch.

Games like Outlast, Alien: Isolation, P.T., and more prove the horror genre is thriving in today’s gaming landscape. Everyone loves to play games full of tension. Even Day Z, H1Z1, Rust, The Forest, Dying Light and others fall into this category.

I’m surprised the teams at Microsoft and Sony haven’t tried bringing Condemned to their new consoles.

Jace did say he is thinking about finding a proven indie developer to bring the Condemned franchise back. Jace writes in a Facebook post, “As an indie, it can be very hard to get marketing/media attention for a title that you work on. This franchise is already quite known, has market demand, and is in an innovative genre/category.”

It would be interesting to see how a Condemned game today would look. Would it stick to what worked in 2005-2008? Or would it take inspiration from the current popular genre of open-world survival like H1Z1?

An open-world Condemned game set in a big city with similar features to H1Z1 or Day Z? Sign me up.

Would you buy a new Condemned game? What changes would you make, if any, to a new entry?


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