If millions of subscribers weren’t enough, Netflix and Amazon now have award season cred. The digital upstarts are making waves in Hollywood, while dominating your screens at home.

Last night, Amazon made history with Transparent. The comedy series won top TV comedy, making it the first online series to win a Golden Globe. Jeffrey Tambor finished off the category, snapping up best actor in a comedy.

Kevin Spacey finally broke through with his top actor (drama) win for House of Cards. he had been winless in his previous seven nominations, and made sure to make light of the award drought.

Following the show, the season three teaser for House of Cards. Yeah, I sense another nomination at the very least.

Original content is proving to be a worthwhile bet in the digital streaming base. It’s remarkable the transformation Netflix has undergone. What used to be a DVD rental service has turned into an entertainment powerhouse. More content is on the way for 2015, and Netflix is promising a near constant churn in its content portfolio.

Amazon is the biggest surprise from last night. Before the company started offering original content, it felt like an also-ran of Netflix. You have it because of Amazon prime, plus it has a catalog just different enough to be worth it.

Now, it leaps to being on-par with Netflix. It has the awards, and the content slate. Later this month, it debuts a full-slate of content. If you love binge watching, your winter has just been filled.

Google’s Glaring Absence

What’s odd with the surge of original content is how conspicuously absent Google is. The tech giant has YouTube, easily the most popular video streamer.

The company did invest $200 million in an Original Channel Initiative in 2012, but it fizzled out. To reverse that dearth of original content, Google has poached a top executive from Netflix and promises to invest in top creators.

That will make them a force in 2015 and beyond, and will play the other side of the content game. Virality over critical acclaim. If the company goes all-in with the content creators, Google will have numbers over Golden Globes. You can guess which Wall Street prefers.


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