Cable cutters, watch out. AT&T is coming after you with what looks like a rather slick deal. The new bundle is all about stripping down content, and offering what some potential customers may want. We have all seen the stories of people cutting cable, and now ISPs and cable providers are creating deals tailored for that market.

The two questions are how much and what do you get? For $39 per month you get U-Basic TV, U-Verse Max Plus (18Mbps), HBO and HBO GO and one year of Amazon Prime. Yeah, that free two-day shipping sold me too.

Caveats? Of course. This is AT&T were are talking about. Once you plug in, you are stuck on the contract for a year. A termination fee of $180 applies to those who just have to opt out.

For the Internet power users, data caps come into play. The $39 per month has a 250GB data usage per month. If that sounds low, it really isn’t. You literally have to burn a hole in Netflix to get to this level. Additional 50GB are charged at $10 increments.

Other charges include a $99 setup fee, because they are determined to make money somewhere. The price is limited to one-year only, so if your cable bill flies up after the year, you now know why.

The Amazon Prime bit? I guess AT&T was looking for something to set itself apart from the other providers rolling out plans. If you already have a subscription, one year is tacked on to your membership.

As for this new offering? AT&T says it’s good until December 13. That translates into you getting enough offers in the mail to think about wallpapering a room.

Really want people to sign up? Offer up ESPN and AT&T is set. Game of Thrones plus Monday Night Football? That will drive some sign ups.


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