The crew aboard the ISS did a little cleaning up. This weekend, 3,500 pounds of garbage moved to a commercial cargo ship will burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere. That is a lot of trash.

After bringing supplies up to the space station, the Cygnus supply ship was turned into the ISS’ trash can. Back in July the ship brought all kinds of gear to astronauts aboard the ISS. Everything from food and mini-satellites to odor-resistant exercise clothing. Definitely can’t be smelling funky on board a ship that recycles its own air.

Earlier today, the crew used a robotic arm to release the Cygnus supply as it soared about Africa’s southern coast. Check out the image below to see the cargo ship being released.

cygnus and robotic arm

The supply ship, built by Orbital Sciences Corp, will make its plunge through the Earth’s atmosphere on Sunday. Astronauts on board the ISS will try to catch the fiery re-entry on camera. We’ll post an update this weekend if the ISS’ crew members happen to catch the re-entry on camera.

Image credits: NASA


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