We’ve seen plenty of video game mashups before. What people did with the Trials Fusion editor always blows my mind. COD Zombies in a motorcycle game?! Yep, and it’s ridiculously awesome.

Westracer didn’t go quite that far. But he brought the VATS system from Fallout to Counter-Strike via a slickly edited video. The result? Nuclear Strike, and it’s one of the best montages I’ve ever seen.

The camera work is just perfect. I love it. Westracer went all in with the mashup. A Fallout Pip-Boy? Check.

Nuclear Strike Pip Boy

Dialogue system? You know it.

Nuclear Strike dialogue

And the mashup wouldn’t be complete without a set of power armor.

nuclear strike power armor

Nuclear Strike is perfect. The camera movement is vintage Fallout. The Pipboy is fantastic. And the TV with the ‘please stand by’ adds a subtle touch that makes this video stand out.

nuclear strike TV

As for how long it took to mash Fallout 4 into Counter-Strike? Westracer says, “about 2 months of slow work.” Enjoy the views Westracer. You deserve them.

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