Evidently pumpkin peach ale are fighting words. Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial poked at the rise of craft breweries and how drinkers could dissect the beer. Essentially, Budweiser was throwing hate at the hipster crowd.

The one thing about the hipster craft brewer crowd is they also know how to make a video. And they are more skilled at it. No budweiser models needed.

The video starts off talking how craft beer is made by actual people, and not in some giant warehouse. Flavors? Yeah, they have them. I mean, it must suck not having options. It hammers Budweiser for making assembly line beer, preferring to handle it the hard way – by hand.

You have to give them props. The Super Bowl was Sunday, and they already turned around a professionally done response video for HopStories.

The site espouses the benefits of a craft beer.

Before a beer delights your senses, before it’s plucked off the shelf, it journeys from brewery to market, it’s bottled, before it’s transformed from simple ingredients into the beverage we all know and love, each and every beer starts out as an idea, a dream. It takes someone special to dream up a good beer, men and women who dedicate their lives to the craft. Their dreams, dedication, and determination are what make up a brewery. And every brewery’s different.

From the largest mass market producer to the smallest single batch tinkerer, each one has its own history, culture, and direction. It’s what makes the soul of a place, and you can taste it in their beer. Every brewery has a story, and we’re going to tell it.

It’s brilliant marketing, and worth a look if you’re a fan. If you’re up for more flavors, that is.


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