I think we have all seen some wild dashcam footage of close calls and near misses. But this? It has to be the wildest motorcycle crash ever. A high-speed crash ended with the motorcyclist on top of the car he hit in a high-speed crash.

You get the perspective from a third car as a motorcycle comes speeding in from out of the frame. The cyclist hits and somersaults onto the still moving car. What is incredible is the rider lands on his feet from the wreck and taps on the roof of the car to get them to stop.

The dashcam popularity in Russia is due to insurance claims, but we regularly get amazing footage. I think I would need a couple vodka shots after walking away from that. At least the motorcyclist has the video on YouTube to show to his buddies. Without video, everyone would call immediate BS. Instead, the rider gets to brag he pulled off a front flip and stuck the landing.

Below is the crazy video. Obviously, don’t try this at home kids. It was dumb luck.


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