3D printing enthusiasts have a new reason to spin up their 3D printers today. NASA has a massive library of 3D models and visualizations. Recently, they began converting these files into a format that can be used for 3D printing. Right now, NASA has 21 3D printable models available through their website.

Want a replica of NASA’s Kepler? How about the asteroid Eros or Mars’ Gale Crater? You can even print off parts of the near and far sides of the moon.

NASA also wants to hear from you. They want to continue to improve the 3D models and expand on the number of models available to print.

Besides adding models for 3D printers, NASA’s 3D Resources beta website includes several visualizations. They include a Station Spacewalk Game that lets you “experience the thrill of conducting repair work on the International Space Station.”

Interested about the James Webb Space Telescope? NASA’s 3D Fly-by Interactive will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about NASA’s upcoming telescope. Check out the other interactive displays here.

All of these resources would be great for the classroom. Especially, the 3D printing models. Letting kids hold an asteroid in their hand or inspecting a crater on Mars sounds a lot cooler than reading about it in a book or looking at a picture.

Image: The above image is Gale’s Crater on Mars. The yellow circle represents Curiosity’s landing site.


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