EA released a video yesterday going behind the scenes with the different Titans in Titanfall.

There will be three Titans in Titanfall. The Atlas, Stryder and Ogre. Everyone will recognize the Atlas from the Titanfall beta earlier this month. A few of you were lucky enough to try the Stryder and Ogre thanks to the burn cards. One of the rarest burn cards gives you instant access to a specific Titan. I was the unlucky one that got an Atlas one.

Several Respawn Entertainment members talk about the different Titans and the distinct movements and melee attacks with each Titan.

The Atlas is the jack of all trades Titan. Faster than the Ogre, but lacks the extreme mobility of the Stryder.

The Stryder excels at hit and run tactics. Mobility is your strength with the Stryder.

The Ogre gives up some mobility, but makes up for it in survivability. Here’s some gameplay showcasing the Ogre and its unique melee attack.

One of the coolest parts of the video is when Titanfall artist, Joel Emslie, talks about building miniature versions of the Titans as the team tried to finalize the design of the Titans. It’s neat seeing artists go back to old-school methods of design in a world dominated by digital drawing and the like.

The Titans of Titanfall were heavily influenced by Japanese manga and anime.

Titanfall is shaping up the be one of the biggest games of 2014. 2 million people played the beta on Xbox One earlier this month. Microsoft is betting big on Titanfall and announced limited edition Titanfall console bundles earlier this week.

Titanfall will land on PC and Xbox One on March 11 in North American and two days later in Europe. The Xbox 360 version has been pushed back slightly to March 25 in the U.S. and March 28 in Europe.


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